Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sweet slushy melon refresher @ Sweety Garden

Tried to come here two times before but the first time when they were in Jordan they had just relocated.
I tried again this summer but they were in the middle of being filmed so decided to try it later.
The new branch is located near the DNA mall on the corner which stands out because it is bright pink.

Anyway, thanks to Sweety Garden for inviting me and I was able to try their desserts finally.

It was really nice of them to let me invite IVY so that I could share the slushy melon, otherwise it would be too much if I had it to myself.
The decor in this dessert joint is really nice too matched by their menu and their dessert items.
Dessert platter:
This was a platter of three desserts: chocolate pudding, molten chocolate and orange cake and vanilla icecream.
The shape of the vanilla icecream was a perfect sphere.
Out of the three I loved the molten chocolate and orange cake because in other dessert houses it is just plain chocolate and with the orange flavouring it had more depth to it.
The chocolate pudding was served in a cute cup and was smooth and silky and not too sweet.
Melon slush:
Apart from melon there are other fruits to choose from such as watermelon, apple (served in a dragonfruit), papaya, coconut etc.
The melon is seasonal so it depends what melon they have at that time.
The melon that I had was honeydew melon which was lovely and sweet, the melon was grounded with milk to make this lovely slush tower.
The liquid in the slush goes to the bottom, so the top is quite solid and the base is slushier than the top.
After you finished eating the slushy melon, there is real melon fruit in the melon which is already sliced and convenient to spoon out.
Once again thanks for Sweety Garden for their delicious desserts especially the melon slush because I really wanted to try that.
Sweety Garden address:
G/F, Delite Mansion, 3 Granville Circuit, Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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