Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A choice of expensive or cheap ramens @ Furano ramen house

Walked past this ramen joint so many times after it opened but somehow I did not get the urge to go in.

They used to just have ramens that were priced between $68-78 which is about the same price as the famous ramens.
Anyway, there were no photos before so it was like taking a risk if it was not nice.

About a few months later, they finally had product pictures of ramen and rices but only costing around $34-38 which meant the previous ramens were not doing well or they had no faith in serving it at that price.

Since it costs only $3X I dont have any expectations for it but at least I could find out the type of noodles they use and if it is good then I would probably try the more expensive ramens later on.
I ordered the ramen in spicy soup with beef and minced meat and rice, but the minced meat and rice was sold out.
So the guy asked if I wanted the Pacific Saury (Chaau doh yue) with rice so I ordered that instead.

The food came with a drink so I chose this herbal tea.
ramen in spicy soup with beef:
The broth was really spicy, it tastes exactly like those Korean Nong Shim cup noodles.
The ramen was similar to pasta and exactly the same type of noodles they used in FAIRWOOD's ramen king series.
Pacific Saury with rice:
To be honest I thought the fish was marinated eel and not Pacific saury, but the guy insists it was Pacific saury.
Anyway, the texture of pacific saury is not like that.
Usually I hate Japanese rice because it is hard and heavy, but here the rice is a mix between Japanese rice and normal long grain rice. I would say 10% of Japanese rice and 90% long grain rice which made it easier to swallow and the taste was much nicer.
Herbal tea:
I was not quite sure what this drink was, but it did not taste of any herbs nor was it flowery.
I was pretty sure it was water and coloured sugar syrup because the taste was very pleasant and there was no sour aftertaste or weird aftertaste that cordials give you.
When you see this drink, it is actually pink.
Photos of the shop:

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