Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A new scene for Japanese food @ Haruka

Came here with some friends to try this new restaurant.
I originally suggested this restaurant in MK which I have tried but this one was new so I prefer dining at restaurants that I have not tried before.

Grilled bacon oyster roll:
Bacon and oysters always go together.
Usually oysters are baked with bacon, so I found the concept of this interesting because it was an oyster wrapped in bacon and grilled without the cheese.
It was really delicious because it was not the heavy and the oyster got its saltiness from the bacon and it had a nice gentle grilled and smoked taste.
Grilled gingko:
These were my favourite because the gingko was not bitter.
Grilled mushrooms:
The grilled mushrooms were nice and juicy.
Lobster rolls with mango:
All the ingredients were nice and fresh so I found the mango and lobster combination really refreshing.
Goose liver with scallop fried rice:
For the goose liver they ask you how well you want it done which is really good.
The fried rice was delicious, there were fine chives in it which gave it a nice taste and gentle crunch.

Chicken wings with fish roe:
The photo does not show the fish roe properly but the grilled wings were delicious, the bones were removed and it was stuffed with fish roes.
The fish roe was not too salty either.
Cheese mochi:
The shape of this was different to the Japanese mochi at other restaurant, the surface was slightly different too, slightly flakey.
It had a nice sweet smell too which was interesting.
Chicken tulips:
They visually looked like tulips because one of the bones are taken out from the chicken wings and the chicken meat that is attached to the bone is turned inside out.
The coating was delicious and light.
Mochi taro icecream tempura:
This was amazing, the tempura batter was light.
Basically it was a real mochi in there. I loved the way the ice-cream was partially melted.
The chewy mochi skin and the crisp tempura were an interesting combination.

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