Thursday, December 13, 2012

A ramen champion for everyone or Ramen ChampionS

Came here because the noodles looked different, they were thicker and flatter looking like tagliatelle.
Before I came I did not know that it would be similar to a food court with six ramen joints.
I wish there was one in ENGLISH
I wish there was one in ENGLISH
When you go in, you are given a plastic card, which you give to the joint when you order your ramen.
When you leave you pass this card to the cashier to pay as if it were a bill.
After ordering the ramen at the joint they give you an electronic device which alerts you when your ramen is ready.

Although I had already made up my mind to eat at Bario, I still looked around, but it just so happens Bario was the one with staff that could speak normal English too.

Tonkotsu ramen:
The first thing I could smell was black pepper because there was cracked black pepper on top of the beanshoots.
The beanshoots looked like a mountain so I transferred them to an empty bowl and was surprised there was a bowl full of beanshoots in the ramen!!
After taking away the beanshoots you can see the ramen beneath which is slightly different to the usual ones.
As for the broth, there was quite a lot of pork oil and collagen which is "Normal" in Japan.
I wonder how the people will react to it here.

+++When food is authentic but not to their style or taste standards then they will complain, when you finally get something that is authentic people complain as well as it is not localised or adapted to their tastes!!+++

For me the ramen tasted interesting because the shape of it was different.
When I collected the ramen, the pork lard was quite strong and I could smell it.
I found the pork quite salty.
Cha Shu don:
The pork here was similar to the one in the noodles, but they were quite dry and tough.
There was too much sauce which made the rice too sweet and soggy.

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