Thursday, 13 December 2012

A visit to see Uncle Fong's bakery

I did not know that this was a branch of Maria's but the bakery looked good so I wanted to go there.

However this branch is quite far from the MTR station so it takes alot of walking.
The most convienient branch of Maria's is the one in Central because it is near the MTR exit.

I went with Ivy to this large scale bric-a-brac fair nearby and passed this branch.

She got the muffin herself and got me the bun with the runny custard centre because since I tried it last time I have been craving for again.
I wanted to buy more than one because it was cheaper but I was too lazy to carry them so I just got one.

Runny custard filled bun:
The buns here were slightly bigger than the ones in Central and not so burnt.
It actually tasted better because there was more filling but it is a shame that this branch is inconvienient.

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