Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All you can eat Thai food @ Thai Delight

The all you can eat here is surprisingly quite good, however the quality can be inconsistent.
The first round can be delicious so when you order it again, it can taste different.
The drinks and dessert selection was good too.
Thai sausage:
This was really delicious, they put lots of garlic and lemon juice in it.
Sometimes it can be spicy and the sausage they use varies.
Deep fried tofu:
Again, the tofu varies, sometimes it is nice and sometimes the tofu was not that fresh.
But the crispy tofu was delicious with the crispy bits of scallion and garlic.
Stir fried morning glory:
This was delicious when they used the young morning glory leaves and the miso beans they used made it nice and salty.
Coconut drink with tricolored pieces:
I do not really like coconut milk, but the tricolored pieces were nice.
Green curry:
this was too spicy for me but they have other curries as well.
Green papaya salad :
In general this is nice if it is not too spicy, it has those tiny crispy shrimps in it as well.
Inmitation sharks fin soup:
This was unbelievably delicious and I loved the vegetarian sharks fins. There were chinese mushrooms in it too which gave it flavour,
Roast chicken:
This was delicious too depending which part of the chicken they give you.
Pumpkin pudding:
There were lots of puddings, this was my favourite, it was a real mini pumpkin with the middle scooped out and filled with custard filling, the coconut sauce they drizzled on top was lovely too.

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