Thursday, 13 December 2012

Blood curds and squids @ Dat Fat Restaurant

Had a craving for blood curds so came here and ordered that and rice between three people and after sharing the rice and the side dish was still hungry so ordered the squid and rice which turned out to be the best.

Nice old menu:
Blood curds:
I love the blood curds here because they absorb the sauce.
It was very garlicky and slightly spicy because of the chili.
The only negative comment this time was that it was quite oily.
Morning glory with mixed items:
This was weird because it was stir-fried with seafood and there were pieces of pork stomach and other offal parts too so I did not eat much of this dish.
Squid and green peppers:
This was my favourite dish because the squid was really tender and it was cut in the right way.
There was lots of squid in it too. However it was slightly too salty.

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