Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cheese Omelette and chips @ Carnegies

The menu here is catered for Westerners and Asians because for lunch there are a few choices, one is always Chinesey and the others are Western.

I saw the Omelette so that was what I was here for.

The salad that day was quite Asian too, it was grated sweet ginger sauce which tasted qutie nice with the mesclan leaves.
The ginger sauce was not that hot.
Cheese omelette:
This was delicious, the egg smelt really nice, in the middle it was filled with cheese.
It would have been great if they used cheddar cheese because the cheese was not strong enough.
The fries were delicious and there is a choice of normal fries or the shoestring type.
Braised beef and potato:
I am not a fan of Chinese food but I liked the potatoes and gravy. The gravy was quite gingery too.

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