Monday, December 10, 2012

Cheese Pontikeges @ Annie Bakery

After eating at God’s Restaurant I was attracted by these pontikeges, which looked quite big, so decided to go in and get some.
They had some other really interesting items such as the coconut tarts, which were immensely yellow.
The chicken burgers looked really delicious because the chicken patties were uniform and I liked how thin they were because they looked crispy.
The pineapple bun cakes were interesting too because they were pineapple buns made into cake form with a pineapple cake looking top.
Overall their items look quite inviting but they did not like people taking photographs of their food.

cheese pontikeges:
The pontikeges were nice and chewy, the cheese taste was prominent, but I didn’t like the slight sweetness and the heavy butter taste.
I want to come back for their chicken burgers but their atitude really discourages you to come back or maybe I will come back but not bother to write about it.

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