Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Chicken drumsticks! ducks feet! @ Aji Ichiban

To be honest I do not usually buy from Aji Ichiban because a lot of the confectionary is from China and it is mostly preserved snacks.
I would rather eat a bag of crisps or proper chocolate!

However when I found out they had marinated snacks I decided to get some, they had kidneys and gizzards but I chose the ducks feet, chicken drumettes and roast goose.
For those three items it costs $36 so I might as well go to a real grill joint where they only cost around $1x per skewer!
Isoyaki roast goose: The goosemeat was very hard and chewy.
It was very spicy as well but did not have that sweet teriyaki taste I was expecting because I associated Isoyaki with the Japanese teriyaki taste.
I just felt that the taste was similar to those vacuum sealed spicy snacks from China!
Isoyaki chicken drumette:
The flavouring of this tasted the same as the above, however the chicken drumette faired slightly better because the texture was more natural.
Isoyaki duck feet:
This was the worst out of the three, again the taste was the same, but the texture of the goose feet was like HARD JELLY plastic!

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