Wednesday, December 12, 2012

childhood memoirs: Dipping soldiers in egg yolk

I was choosing a place to eat and this restaurant attracted me because of the brie on foccacia, egg and soldiers and there is a wide variety for brunch such as scrambled egg white.

The food also came with a choice of drinks which was impressive.
They had Smoothies, coffee or tea, champagne and something alcoholic which I cant remember.
Usually I always order a tea to end a perfect meal, but here they had smoothies.

As there were so many items I wanted to try, I came here twice which are both written in this review.
All the brunches came with a side portion of fruit.
The restaurant setting was nice and relaxing.
Vegetarian breakfast:
Compared to the All day breakfast which was not vegetarian, the Vegetarian was much nicer because it had asparagus, spinach, potato rosti.
All day breakfast:
The all day breakfast tasted ok.
Toasted Brie and mixed mushrooms foccacia:
Although this was delicious, it tasted how it should have been because there was truffle on it.
The mushrooms were slightly disappointing because they had Asian mushrooms in it.
The brie tasted cheesy and strong like how it should.
Ducks eggs and soldiers:
I wish they had marmite soldiers, but truffle soldiers were good enough.
I thought the eggs would come in egg cups but they came in mini expresso cups and I thought they would be ready for dipping but you had to peel it yourself.
Anyway I peeled it carefully and ate the top of the egg making a hole just big enough to dip the soldiers and carefully dipping it so that the egg yolk did not overflow.
It was good that duck eggs were used because the yolk was much thicker and the egg white was quite firm.
The soldiers and egg yolks were so delicious and the truffle made is luxurious.
I loved their smoothies, it was not sweet and tasted natrual with the taste of ice, natural yogurt and the fruit.
Although it was slightly icy, it was really nice.
It has to finished quickly though because the ice and yogurt separates.
raspberry smoothie:
This was really nice and you could taste the fresh raspberries, however there were too many raspberry pips in this.
Apple and strawberry smoothie:
The raspberry was good, but the apple and strawberry was the best, there was lots of blended apple pieces and green apple skin in the smoothie and it felt really wholesome.

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