Monday, December 10, 2012

Confusing menu and rude service @ Aunt Stella's

Went in because the set they displayed outside seemed quite nice and reasonable for the price but when I sat down the price was different and she kept explaining it was for the cake set only.
The display outside was wrong and misleading because they displayed the pie in the cake set which was cheaper.

Anyway ordered the orange yoghurt pie set with coffee and the waitress stomped back to the kitchen because I was confused about the pricing and sets.
If see the set on the right, it would seem that a coffee and the orange yogurt pie would cost $31
I do not like coffee but the coffee here was quite nice, it was a pity the cream that was given was cold because it lowered the temperature of the coffee, however the cream that was given was nice and made the coffee taste nice.
orange yoghurt pie:
There was not much yoghurt which was disappointing and it seemed more like a tart than a pie. On top of the pie it was topped with baked orange slices with the peel as well.
Hopefully their attitude is not so rude next time because I want to try the toast with cheese and seaweed.
Photos of the cafe:

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