Monday, December 10, 2012

Consistency test @ 牛魔王清湯腩咖哩專門店

Came here again for their stir fried macaroni which is only served during afternoon tea.
It tasted nice last time so I ordered it again.

The staff were more efficient this time because this shop has been opened for quite a few months.
The items were entered correctly on the bill.
Stir fried macaroni with luncheon meat:
When it arrived it looked darker than last time, the macaroni was much wetter because there was more sauce.
The taste was much stronger this time and I could evidently taste Maggie sauce.
The onions were not sliced properly but the portion was bigger than last time.
The luncheon meat was a bit disappointing because some of it was rancid and some of it came from a new can.
Barley and ginger drink:
This tasted as good as my first visit, however there was a piece of lemon which was not there last time.
I hope next time they can be consistent.

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