Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cooked food from a hole in a wall juice joint

I was on my way to Joy Hing Roast but the roads were a little difficult to cross so I gave up and decided to walk elsewhere when I saw this juice joint.
I was really surprised that in a small vicinity they were able to produce up to five different dishes.
Basically you can choose two choices with rice for $23 which does not include a drink.

chicken steak:
On the menu it seems to be black bean flavoured but I could not taste any black beans. I could only taste garlic.
The chicken steak was quite nice anyway, it just tastes home made, ie marinated at home with crushed garlic and a bit of sugar and pan-fried.
The only downside is that they are really stingy with the chicken!
These tasted how it should, ie cooked in garlic.

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