Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Delicious sichuan food @ Zheng Zong Yun Gui Chuan

Walked past here so many times but never went in because the food seemed really spicy.Finally tried it and I really liked the food.
Grilled thai style pork neck meat:
I do not eat grilled pork neck meat, but this was nice because it was quite lean. It had been deep fried so that the edges are crispy and slightly chewy and sticky.
However I felt the thai sweet chili sauce ruined it and it was strange being served thai sauce in a Sichuan restaurant.
After scraping the sweet sauce away, it was so much more delicious on its own or with the sichuan sauce.
Green bean sheet noodles:
This can be ordered non spicy so had the non spicy version. The green bean sheets were literally sheets. They reminded me of lasagne sheets as they were really big.
The sauce was delicious and very garlicky.
Red potato noodles:
There were lots of beanshoots and pickled vegetables mixed in with these noodles, the beanshoots still had the bean attached to it.
The noodles were quite elastic but not as elastic as the potato noodles served at other places.
Sichuan chicken:
Asked for the mild version so the chicken was not too spicy, the sauce was really nice and fragrant and tasted nice with the noodles.

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