Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dining higher and higher in Central @ Oolaa

Oolaa is located on Bridge Street which is quite high up hence the reason why I was too lazy to go up there.
Went there for dinner finally and it was quite nice. If this place was more accessible I would try their pizza for breakfast because they have the Dynamite Pizza which has molten Cheddar cheese & Vegemite. Not many places in Hong Kong serve food with VEGEMITE!
It would be good if this pizza was available a la carte too.
truffle mashed potatoes:
The mashed potatoes were really delicious, truffle oil was infused in the mashed potatoes.
Salad Niçoise:
This was seared peppered tuna, silver anchovies and lemon vinaigrette.
It was slightly different too because it had seared tuna, usually it is canned cooked tuna. The anchovies were slightly bigger than usual too.
Minted Green Pea Risotto: This was minted green pea risotto with king prawns, mixed herbs and pecorino cheese.
I liked the minty taste because it was natrual and not that strong.
Veggie pizza:
The pizza was covered with lots of mushrooms, red onions, olives, bell peppers and asparagus with pesto drizzle.
I am not fond of pesto, but the pesto sauce they used here was really nice and made the pizza delicious.

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