Monday, December 10, 2012

Egg white coconut tart @ Hei Lee Cakes Shop

I never eat coconut tarts because they are hard and sweet.
The tart is made up of almost 100% dessicated coconut and reminds me of the Bounty chocolate bar.
I was attracted to this one because its appearance was different and looked like a cake.
Egg white coconut tart:
The coconut tart was lovely and moist in the centre and soft too.
The sweetness was just right and it was half like a cake and half like a tart.
There was about 70% of dessicated coconut in it.
The cake casing was interesting, it seems they use the pumpkin print all year round.
Egg tarts and cookies
They also sell cookies and egg tarts and the egg tarts look quite nice, maybe I will try that next time,

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