Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fish and chips by the coca cola sea

I am not crazy about coca cola but sometimes it is nice dining in a different setting.

This cafe is themed with coca cola bottles and cans.

Although I wanted to dine here ages ago the menu was not attractive especially the dinner which was the typical Chinese food and it was quite expensive as well at around $70-$90.

Walked past and they were still serving the afternoon tea sets so I went in for the fish and chips.
The choice for afternoon tea and breakfasts were endless and they even had sweet waffles.

All the sets came with glass bottles of coke.
Fish and chips:
The chips were delicious, the oil was fresh so it was crisp on the outside and silky in the inside.
After adding salt it was great.
If there was vinegar then it would be even more perfect.
The fish was quite nice however it was too soft and lacked fish taste.
Instant noodles:
The broth was strong so the noodles were delicious and the meat in the noodles were fresh as well.
the toast was nice and buttered just right.
The egg tasted ok, but could have tasted better.
When you leave, the bill is neatly hidden in a slot on the side of the table which is easily missed.

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