Thursday, December 13, 2012

Folilicious baked chicken with pineapple @ KFC

The Folilicious series are back and there is a new flavour again.
This time it is chicken with Pineapple.
The PoLam branch turned out to be quite annoying because some staff were not trained and some had attitude problems.

They have also put these irritating barriers to making queuing times longer as if it wasnt long enough.
I was quite annoyed that all the displays on the tills were not working, and the only one that was working was displaying "Please go to another counter".
The annoyance that the till display was not working was because you cannot see the total, so if the cashier wanted to take advantage of this and get extra money, the customer and KFC management would not know.
da till on the LHR has no display, cant C da total
da till on the LHR has no display, cant C da total
two working tills with dead display
two working tills with dead display
The staff did not know their products well because for the side order you can order the combo one which has potato wedges as well and when I ordered that he shouted aloud to the other staff that he did not know what it was.
Anyway finally ordered the set with the new chicken and pineapple with imitation sharks fin soup.

Imitation sharks fin soup:
The way they put the soup in the bowl was so sloppy, it was overflowing from the side of the bowl.
On my last visit they put a lid on it, here they did not.
However the taste was really nice it was not as concentrated and as salty as last time.
The mushroom taste was strong and there was a slight sour taste to it.
Again I prefer the sharks fin soup here compared to the "normal" ones because there is less meat and oil.
As well as not being given knives and forks, I didnt get a spoon either so I had to use the SPORK again!
chicken and pineapple:
It tasted so nice and better than what I anticipated because I thought it would be really sweet and syrupy because of the pineapple, but the sauce does not taste of pineapple.
The pineapple just plays the part as garnishing and it tasted really sweet for my liking.
However the sauce consisted of mainly tomato sauce taste but you could not see any tomatoes in it.
The taste is similar to Italian tomato sauce with herbs.
The chicken was nice and tender but I was furious that they did not give a knife and fork.
It was really damn difficult eating with a spork so I asked if I could have a knife and fork and this other staff was much nicer.
Potato wedges:
It was a combination of potato wedges and criss cut fries.
They were not hot enough, but the potato wedges tasted better than the other fries.

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