Thursday, 13 December 2012

French Sylvester Stallone attracts crowds

Walked past this joint because I like looking at the pretty bottles and other ingredients behind this counter.
It just so happens that the Guy who makes the crepes figured out who I was so offered me a crepe so I was quite chuffed.

I had fruit pancake this time and chose banana with honey.

While he was making it, I found out he had some Italian anciestry which explains his Italian looks.
But today I felt that he looked a bit like Sylvester Stallone and someone else who I cant quite remember.
Whilst he was making the crepe he was attracting a crowd!
Honey and banana crepe:
The box this time was much better and sturdier making it easier to eat and there was a knife and fork too.
I felt that the crepe tasted nicer because of its simplicity as it was just bananas and honey.
If you have tried the honey in Europe its tastes really different and much nicer!
The taste reminded me of the honey at MELI-PARK in Belgium which is now called Plopsaland De Panne.
It was really cool I tried the honey here because I totally forgot about this theme park that I went to as a kid which was created by a Honey company.
Anyway thanks for the crepe and thanks for the memory.

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