Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fun with authentic green tea at the Maccha House

I was waiting for this place to be opened and finally it is now open.
It was good trying it on the first day because the utensils are new and clean especially the tea brush stirrer and the bamboo basket which I wonder how they clean them and how they keep it from getting moldy.

The staff there were trained by Japanese people from this restaurant who were also present that day so try it soon while the quality is ensured.
There were interesting tubes hanging from the ceiling filled with green tea powder.

I came here twice because the dessert was so delicious and on my second visit I tried the udon and rice.

Matcha Kuzukiri:
This was fun pushing it out from the extruder.
It was basically the same as the one I had at tin hau.
The green tea taste was really strong and the texture was similar to agar, however the portion was really small. The taste of the green tea was not grassy and the bitterness it possessed was pleasant.
Traditional matcha:
It was fun adding water to the powder in the bowl and stirring it with the bamboo utensil provided.
The taste was not that grassy and it was really fresh.
The tea came with some sweet rice dumplings and brown sugar pieces to balance out the bitterness if it was too bitter for you.
Maccha cheese mousse:
This was unbelievably delicious, it was so moreish.
The green tea cheese was so silky and thick with a twinge of sharpness.
It was made of two layers, the bottom layer was green tea cheese mousse and on top was delicious heavy cream.
The slight natural sourness of the cheese in the mousse was perfectly balanced with the sweet cream on top and the lovely green tea powder on top balanced out the over creaminess of the cream.
It was nicely presented the Maccha cheese mousse was served on wax paper and in a bamboo basket.
Jasmine tea:
The desserts came with Jasmine tea, which paired together nicely.
It was nice drinking Jasmine to refresh the palate.
I wanted the Maccha cheese mousse dessert again and I also wanted to try the udon as well because it was interesting especially since it was in Wasabi cream soup!
The pork with yuzu pepper was also delicious because the yuzu pepper they use is authentic just like the one they give you at Hide Ramen for the gyozas.
Although the food menu is only two pages, the food choice looks great that I need to come a third time and the Maccha catalana I intended to try this time was not defrosted yet even though I had it right in front of me.
I had the Maccha cheese mousse again but the portion was smaller this time.
Fried pork in yuzu pepper rice bowl:
The yuzu pepper was placed on the side of the pork for you to mix yourself.
There is not much yuzu pepper but the taste was intense, it had the natural sharpness of grapefruit and it was mixed with pepper.
The pork was interesting because it had pieces of soft pork bones in it as well giving it some soft bone to crunch on every now and then. Anyway if you like this flavour, there is also a chicken ramen version.
The shape of this bowl was cone shaped so as the sauce sinks down the rice at the bottom becomes really tasty.
Salmon and salmon roe in wasabi cream soup
The cream soup was surprising and not sickly. There was also carbonara udon too but I do not like carbonara.
The cream soup had a hint of sweetness and after the wasabi was mixed it, the cream soup was not that heavy. However the salmon was a little fishy.
The salmon roe was also quite fishy but it added burst of saltiness to the creamy soup which only tasted milky.
Maccha cheese mousse:
It tasted as good as the first time but the portion was smaller.
Maccha catalana
It was still frozen as they put it in the freezer instead of the fridge.
I was quite looking forward to this, so I’ll be back for it.
Anyway I will be back as I want to try the Maccha tiramisu which does not contain coffee and it is served in a nice wooden box, and the tofu pudding that is served in a bamboo pot and the other ramens and rice dishes.

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