Wednesday, 12 December 2012

咪阻住! get out of my way! I want my fries wiv cheeze

I found this place last week but as I was just finishing a scoop of ice cream, I was too full for more food so decided to try it another time.

As you know I do not really like Chinese food. This Cafe serves the typical sets eg scrambled egg, toasts etc so unless the egg tastes really good I do not usually bother trying.

When I saw the reviews, it was the typical cafe I assumed it was because it had photos of scrambled eggs and pasta.

However the more recent reviews had fries with cheese so that was the only thing I came here for and because it was opened by a local actor Jazz Lam.

They also had chilled abalone slices on the menu and meringue souffle mountain which I would want to order as well because it differentiated them from other cafes.

I really wanted to try the meringue souffle mountain but it is served after 9.30opm.
For the noodles sets you can choose the typical spaghetti or instant noodles, but as well as that they had Nongshims Shun Ramyun (sunlaatmin 農心辛辣麵) as a choice too!
It was really good because Jazz was actually there. It was interesting seeing peoples reactions and how they want to take a photo with him but are too embarassed to ask.
Jazz was there to take my order so I ordered the chips with cheese and the set as well since I was there.

The set came first because it takes a while to bake the chips, while I was waiting Jazz asked if I would like any water so I said Yes, then he said hot or cold so I said warm.
Anyway he brought over the water which was sweet.
The funny thing was the water was really sweet because the staff put syrup in it accidentally so he got me another cup which he said might be salty LOL.

But anyway that was a sweet and funny experience!

The fork and spoon were interesting as well, the fork was longer than the spoon.
Da spoon is shorter than the fork
Da spoon is shorter than the fork
Pasta set:
The set had chicken wings, ham, pasta, scrambled eggs and toast.
It tasted how it should.
Baked fries with cheese: I was really surprised by this because the quality of the chips were quite good, they were still crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside after they were baked.
The frying oil was fresh as well so the chips tasted really nice. The chips were sprinkled with salt and some spices and it was spotted with cheese rather than smothered with melted cheese on top.
If there was more cheese it would be even better.
The cheese that got burnt on top was even more delicious with the spices that they used.
When I left they had made a meringue souffle mountain for display and they even had professional lighting for it too!
I like the way they have put berries on the surface of the meringue souffle. I really wanted to eat that meringue souffle!!
I really want that souffle!!
I really want that souffle!!
Professional lighting
Professional lighting

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