Wednesday, 12 December 2012

God's Restaurant has descended on IVY STREET

Gone where the days eating at the old restaurant where it was small and sometimes you had to eat in those secret rooms.
(Pity I did not take pictures then!)
Now, they have relocated to Ivy Street.
Tried the must have items which were the squid cake and beef steak in maggie sauce.

It looked exactly the same as before, topped with spring onions and seaweed, however the taste was not as strong as before.
Beef in Maggie sauce:
The beef was thinly sliced and quite tender, however the sauce was a bit salty.
Squid cake:
This was delicious however my egg was not on top of the rice!
The crispyness of the squid cake comes from its extremely thin batter coating.
The squid cake was just as delicious as before.

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