Thursday, December 13, 2012

greenie meanie Five green juice @ Juice Bar

Went down to the Food republic because I needed a drink, there were three drinks that were interesting.
Five green juice, Cane sugar juice and Frozen matcha.
The Five green juice was the healthiest, the Cane sugar juice was tempting because you can add lemon or aloe vera to it, and the Frozen Matcha was just for its taste only.
In the end I chose the Five green juice which is the healthiest but not really worth its value because you can make this at home providing you have a juicer.

They also had Rose milk which I found disgusting.

Five green juice:

The five green juice were five green vegetables and fruit juiced together, to be exact four vegetables and one fruit: Celery, bittergourd, cucumber, green pepper and apple.
Here goes the greens to be juiced
Here goes the greens to be juiced
It was nice and frothy on top when I got it.
I asked for it unsweetened, it was bitter as I expected. I could not taste the apple.
All I could taste was the bittergourd.

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