Monday, December 10, 2012

Heavily loaded @ Sunshine Restaurant

On my last visit I got the oyster omelette, this time I got the four treasures because it seemed quite substantial for $30 because you get pork chop, BBQ roast pork, egg and even luncheon meat!

Four treasures:
When I opened the box, it was jam packed with a piece of pork chop, BBQ roast pork, fried egg and luncheon meat.
Although I do not like meat, I liked the egg and luncheon meat, there were a few pieces of roast pork that were lean.
The pork chop had been over done.
The egg yolk was still runny and tasted delicious with the rice and luncheon meat.
While I was waiting for food, I noticed their homemade pulley for the door because the original one does not work, they have used a basket of coins to hold down the door when no one is using it.

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