Thursday, 13 December 2012

Matcha froyo drink @ Yogurt Town

This place has been here for ages but there are so many froyo joints around that if the flavours are not different then it gets boring.
I liked the idea of froyo and jelly which was cheap as well at $10 but I was too lazy to ask what flavour the jelly was.
In the end I saw the matcha drink for $16 which was also extremely cheap if you compare it to Sweet house cha cha at $46, there was another drinks shop nearby and the green tea slush cost $26.

Matcha froyo drink:
It was interesting because the green tea drink was not pre-made, it was made to order as the staff got some Matcha powder, icecubes and milk and blended it.
However I was not quick enough to get a clear picture of the brand they used but the packaging looked quite decent.
When I got the drink I did not mix it imediately but drank the drink to see what the green tea tastes like.
The green tea was so strong that there was a slight twinge of sourness and it was also very milky.
It was similar to the one at Sweet House Cha Cha where it tastes nice after mixing it.
In comparision with Sweet house, the tea here was had more depth because the froyo was slightly tart with a slight yakult flavouring and the Sweet house one was plainly sweet with strong vanilla tones.

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