Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New blueberry and yogurt smoothie @ Hui Lau Shan

There were two yoghurt smoothes: blueberry or mango and raspberry.
I wish it were blueberry and raspberry rather than mango and raspberry.
At this branch, they also have lunch sets such as noodles and curry with rice.
Blueberry yoghurt smoothie
Anyway I ordered the smoothie without sugar because I had a feeling the yoghurt would be sweet.
When it was ready it looked exactly like the product shot topped with three blueberries on top.
Luckily I asked for it unsweetened because it was still sweet because of the yogurt.
Overall it was a really nice drink and the blueberry taste was not artificial.
Came back for the set lunch because not all the branches do set lunches.
All the set lunches come with a choice of three drinks: mango and coconut milk, coconut milk or watermelon juice, so if you are a fan of HLS drinks then this deal is not bad for $31 as you get the drink which normally costs around $2X so you are just paying $1X for the food and you get a delicious dessert as well.

For the food you can choose noodles or rice to go with satay beef or marinated chicken leg in soy sauce or mixed curry.
For the dessert you get to choose iced mango cake or cookie iced cake which is just an icecream cake topped with bread crumbs.
Anyway I chose the chicken leg with rice, coconut milk and the cookie iced cake.
When it came the hot food was wrapped in clingfilm as well because the lid to the chicken was too big.
chicken leg with rice
Although the chicken was not fresh the chicken meat was tender.
As expected it was pre-cooked chicken and reheated just like their other items such as the fishballs and squid.
The soy sauce was generous but it just tasted sweet.
The rice was too soft and mushy.
coconut milk
I did not like the set drinks but chose this for the sake of choosing it.
The drink was a bit sickly but the sweetness was just right.
cookie iced cake
The cake was delicious, it was thick frozen chocolate cream with pieces of soft cookie bits in it.
To be honest it was icecream with cookie crumbs on top.
To try on my next visit:

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