Thursday, December 06, 2012

Possibly your last chance for Burmese food @ 滋味堡

LAST BUT NOT LEAST I have always wanted to try this place but I did not actually know what cuisine it was until there was an English review.

At first I thought it was Macanese cuisine because of the crispy bun with fish, but one of the reviews said it was Burmese.
Although I had bookmarked this place I thought the location was in Sham Shui Po so it was not in my Shamshuipo list, I found it accidentally when I clicked the Cheungshawan location.

When I got out of the MTR exit I was a bit disorientated because the roads all looked the same, but luckily my instinct told me to go straight-ahead which was in the right direction, but when I reached the street I didn’t realise this shop was round the corner.

I was really lucky that I gave this place a visit because they are going to close down temporarily until they rent a new location for the shop.

After I tried the food I was addicted and looked on OpenRice to see if there were any other Burmese restaurants around.
There were three listed including this one and the other two were already closed down!

Hopefully this place will find a new location or it will become the last legend for Myanmar food in Hong Kong until the next one opens.

As I see it, there is only a tiny majority that likes Myanmar food and not many people know about it.
It seems that it can only do well if they opened a really upper end expensive restaurant with good quality ingredients or open a small joint serving food at extremely cheap prices at a busy location.

Noodles with belachan and curry beef belly: The noodles with belachan itself were only $15 but added extra curry beef belly to it which was an extra $14.
The beef had a lot of fat but otherwise the curry taste was ok.
The noodles were sprinkled with their home made belachan which had pieces of dried garlic, scallions etc with soy sauce.
The noodles were really delicious.
Mohinga noodles: I also tried this because there were a lot of interesting ingredients such as the Banana tree stem, yellow ginger and lemon grass.
The banana tree stem was really interesting and tasted like old celery because it had a lot of roughage.
The soup was a bit different to how I imagined it to taste, the fish taste was not that strong but it was slightly sour which was why I liked it so much.
There were also sliced fried dough sticks which were delicious when it soaked the soup.
Fish patty with lettuce in pork bone soup: This was a bit boring because it was just the same as the Chinese ones, however the fish patty was better because it did not have grounded bones.
It had a lot of sesame oil in it
Spicy Fish toast: For the fish toast, there is a choice of toast or bun. I chose the toast because I wanted uniform toast and for the bun, it seemed like there was more bun in proportion to the fish.
The taste was so delicious I really regretted not ordering a second, I should have tried the bun version as well.
It was filled with finely grounded silky boneless fish.
There were a lot of grounded onions, banana tree stems and other goodies, which made it delicious.
Noodles with belanchan: This was a second order, however this time the soy sauce was slightly too sweet.
Hopefully I will be back one more time before they find a new location. To me the whole meal was really cheap and came to $103, so a few years ago I would probably be only paying around $7X.
I wanted to try the Burmese chicken too but it was sold out.
Photos of the shop: ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
Since they are going close on Dec 4th I came back for the spicy fish bun and dumplings.
Spicy fish bun:
This was also delicious as well. Pork and celery dumplings: These tasted better than I expected and the celery was nice and strong!
Anyway cant wait to go to their new shop when they relocate!!!

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