Monday, 10 December 2012

Potato baked in salt @ Beppu Ekimae

Restaurant photos:
Scallop and urchin with rice:
The scallop tasted bitter and the urchin was not that fresh.
It was really different to the product shot too, there were far more herbs sprinkled on the rice and on my bowl there was not much as shown on the photo.
Surf clam:
The surf clam was quite fresh and had a strong metallic taste.
Baked potato covered in salt:
It was fun breaking the hard salt casing!
There was so much salt that it can probably last you for the year if you only add a pinch of salt when you cook!
The potato was rather dry but it came with butter so it tasted really nice.
There was also mentaiko mayonnaise but I felt that it did not taste nice together.
It would have been perfect if they used a proper baking potato then the texture of the potato would be soft and silky inside.

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