Thursday, December 06, 2012

Roast piglet @ Guangdong BBQ Restaurant

for roast suckling pig so came here for it, as it was quite nice when I had it before.
I tried to go to the Piggy Grill but it is really far away and expensive.
According to the reviews, the roast suckling pig with rice costs $58 per plate and you only get four pieces. It is also risky because you don’t know which part they give you especially when some parts do not taste as good as other parts.

Roast suckling pig with rice :
Luckily I was given the part near the bone where it is the most tastiest because the marinade gets trapped there.
As well as that, I was given a nice lean part with the crispy skin.
I really enjoyed the suckling pig because the pork was lean and tender.
I wished they had authentic hoisin sauce because they had the sachet ones which taste sweet and syrupy. The proper hoisin sauce is much thicker and not runny.
Marinated delights:
The menu did not specify exactly what items would be given so I assumed it would have tofu, but when I opened the box there were so many duck feets and the rest were red sausage and salted egg.
Not sure what soup it was but there was pig skin in it.

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