Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sakura Japanese world serenity in Sai Kung

Stumbled across this private Japanese restaurant after having dinner. It is located above a Japanese shop selling Japanese items.

Last time I was at this shop, the shopkeeper did not mention there was a private restaurant above so I never found out about it.

Anyway, they had a variety of desserts so I just went in for desserts.

The décor was quite nice, I had the same feeling as I walked into Revolution because it was quite different to other restaurants and I had already dreamt of dining in a restaurant like this so it was a bit weird.

There were basically five desserts on the menu: Milk pudding, tofu pudding, coffee jelly, caramel pudding and Fuji apple jelly.
I was tempted to try the apple jelly but I had a feeling it would taste artificial so I got the coffee jelly and milk pudding.
After I had the two puddings I decided to get the tofu pudding as well because I was too lazy to dine here again.

The desserts reminded me of the desserts at Wasakuraya in Happy Valley.

Apart from desserts they had rice sets and sashimi.
Although this place is listed on OpenRice as Sakura, it is actually Yaezakura and the Chinese name is Baatchungfa.
When you sit down, they give you a pot of wheat tea which they say is good for you.
Milk pudding:
The milk pudding was really smooth and the sweetness was just right.
The appearance of it was lumpy, most probably because the surface of the mold was lumpy.
UCC coffee jelly:
The coffee jelly on its own without adding cream or syrup was really bitter.
It tasted exactly like black coffee made into jelly. The jelly was the firm type.
The tiny metal jug of cream was really cute and after mixing the cream and syrup the coffee jelly tasted nice.
Tofu pudding:
The tofu pudding was the best, the texture was interesting, it dissolved into liquid when you put it in your mouth.
I tried it without adding the black sugar syrup and it was savoury. I also tried the syrup and it was really nice too.
Photos of the restaurant:
The bill is not paid upstairs but taken downstairs to the shop to be paid.

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