Thursday, 13 December 2012

Spam and fried egg @ Old Place

Apart from their hot and sour noodles, the other dishes are Ok in my opinion.
Fried egg and spam with rice:
Last time had the steak because I didnt see the spam and fried egg combination, so this time got the spam.
The spam was slighty crispy on the edges and tasted quite nice because it was not really salty of fatty.
The egg was tender with a runny yolk and complimented the rice nicely with the soy sauce.
Sichuan style chicken with pickled vegetables:
Although the dish was quite watery, the salty taste from the pickled vegetables were quite nice.
The spicyness of this was intense.
If it was not so hot, it would have been better.
It came with vegetable rice which seemed healthy.

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