Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sweet dessert collection @ Marks and Spencers

I love the desserts here especially the trifle.
My favourite with jelly and fruit at the bottom and deliciously thick custard in between and gorgeous whipped cream.
I cannot get enough of this dessert.
Sultana and apple muesli:
This is not a dessert but it was sweet so I included this in this review.
It was an instant muesli so you just add hot water to it.
The sweetness was just right, and it was nice and thick with pieces of apples and sultanas in it.
They also have other flavours as well.
Blackcurrant infusion:
This was only available for a short time!
The blackcurrant was quite sour.
There was a pretty silver spoon that came with it and looks like it was a metal spoon but it was plastic coated with silver.
Poppyseed Yogurt With Strawberry & Almond Crunch:
The yogurt was lovely and refreshing with poppyseed giving it depth and there was also pieces of apricot.
I left the crunches last because it was sweet.

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