Friday, January 11, 2013

Marmite loaded Dynamite pizza @ Oolaa

I went to Oolaa because it was one of the restaurants that offered Vegemite on the menu.
As well as Oolaa, Wagyu in Lan Kwai Fong also offers it.

Not many places in Hong Kong offer Vegemite and in some countries it is banned and I would love to know why!

Anyway, both Oolaa and Wagyu serve cheese and vegemite spread pizza.

It was a case of Wagyu's Dinki Di’s Aussie Vegemite with volcano bubbly grilled Cheddar cheese on a crispy pizza base for $95 versus Oolaa's Dynamite Pizza with molten Cheddar cheese & Vegemite for $100.

In the end I chose Oolaa because I prefer molten Cheddar cheese and not bubbly grilled cheddar cheese.
Oolaa is located on Bridges street with a nice bar.
Dynamite Pizza with molten Cheddar cheese & Vegemite:
I was slightly disappointed when the pizza arrived, the cheese was not molten, it was baked for too long that it was hard.
Although the cheese was over cooked and disappointing it tasted quite nice.
The Vegemite was really salty but that was expected.
The pizza here was what I would have expected if I dined at Wagyu because the cheese here turned out to be bubbly grilled cheddar cheese.
The pizza base and the grilled cheese was very chewy that it gave you tired jaws.

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