Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Baked rice @ 天藍坊

On my last visit I saw them prepare baked rice and after I saw them prepare the baked fish with spinach I had to give it a try.
Although it takes a while for the food to be ready, it is definately worth the wait.

The fish was baked from raw so that was why I tried it because I was expecting it to be moist and tender.

It is also interesting that they use a dish as a base and then put foil over it to form a bowl, once it is baked, the foil becomes the dish and they put that into a PVC box.
As the baked rice was really delicious I came back for the baked salmon and rice and tried the chicken wings as well.
Baked rice with fish and spinach:
I was just expecting the fish to taste good because I was expecting the rice to be the usual Chinese style egg fried rice beneath it but it was plain Japanese pearl rice which was even better.
I do not usually bother ordering baked rices in Hong Kong because the rice beneath it is fried rice and has an oily smell after it has been baked.
However the pearl rice was delicious and matched very well with their sauce because it tasted like risotto.
The rice was quite hard but it was quite nice and I wish there was more spinach.
Baked rice with smoked salmon:
The normal version contains surimi crab meat but as they ran out of that it was salmon and sweetcorn only with mushrooms to replace the crabmeat.
Again this was delicious and the sweetcorn tasted natural.
Baked spaghetti with seafood:
The spaghetti was nice and al-dente.
Chicken wings with lemon and honey:
The chicken wings were partially fried and coated with lemon sauce with real pieces of lemon in it.
It would have been great if one of the bones was removed then it would be easier to eat.
Next time I will try the baked rice with chicken in cream sauce.

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