Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Blue secret: Come to Blue's of Shau Kei Wan

I was walking along Shau Kei Wan Main street when I saw this stand with the name Blue's.
When I went closer I discovered it was Western food which was great because there are not many restaurants in Shau Kei Wan for Western food.
They were serving the brunch menu at that time and they had Croque Monsieur which is rarely served in Hong Kong.

The location of this restaurant was interesting, it was on the corner of some Chinese temple at the far end of the Cul de Sac.
I quite liked the location because it felt like a private secluded corner where you can relax.
As expected, the restaurant had a nice blue theme to it with matching blacks.
They had al-fresco dining too as well as tables inside.
Inside, they had a lovely huge blue light bulb and the corridor was blue and classy.
Sat down and ordered the Croque monsieur and the spaghetti with clams.
Both came with a drink.
Found out that this place was recently opened and the Chef has gained culinary experience in France.

The knife that they supplied was interesting because there was a ridge near the handle.
Croque monsieur:
The taste of this was delicious, much better than Delifrance which is disgusting because it was sweet.
The croque monsieur was nicely layered with two different cheeses especially the cheddar, however the cheese has been modified so it does not have that offending cheesy taste that the locals do not like without loosing its cheesiness.
Visually it was really nice with the orange and pale yellow tones of the cheese against the slices of ham.
I loved the way the cheese was oozing out when I sliced it.
As a personal preference I would have liked it if it had a sharper cheese in it.
The cheese in this croque monsieur was rather creamy, it was more like cheese sauce.
It also came with cubes of sauteed crisp potato cubes which were a perfect pairing.
Spaghetti with clams:
The pasta was lovely and al-dente with generous herbs sprinkled on it.
It was really good there were plenty of herbs because it gave the pasta and clams more flavour.
The basil was really fragrant and they had a sprig of fresh basil to garnish the pasta.
Overall it was a very nice dish but it was slightly too salty and I wish the wine taste was stronger.
The clams were nice and clean and did not have any sand in them.
Tea with milk:
The tea was a perfect way of ending the brunch, but I was still hungry because the pasta and the croque monsieur was really delicious.
For improvements, I felt that they should give you an extra plate for the clam shells, because there was a point where the shells were getting in my way on the plate when I was eating the pasta.
As for the menu, there are a few English typo's and for one of the dishes the English and Chinese do not seem to match.
I definitely will come back again if I am in the area because I want to try the Yorkshire pudding as well.

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