Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chocolate paradise for expats and choc lovers

I would just like to thank Noir Chocolates and Lemon Tea for inviting me to this chocolatey tasting.

When we arrived, there was a table set up with tea and bread, it was really thoughtful of them as we had not had dinner yet.
Located near California Kitchen at Mega box, this Chocolatier offers a wide ranges of chocolates ranging from chocolate covered nuts and berries, Swiss and Belgian chocolates.
At Noir Chocolates they explained that chocolate is either made from cocoa butter or vegetable oil and after tempering there is a nice shine to them.

When I tried the local chocolates in Hong Kong, they always tasted weird because the texture was similar to solid lard and does not melt in your mouth.

But after the talk about how chocolates were made , I realised those weird ones were made of vegetable oil.

At Noir Chocolate, there is a wide choice for dark chocolates because the owner loves dark chocolate, hence the name of the shop!

As an expat, I was drooling over their chocolates because they had so many chocolates that you can get at the local pick and mix stalls.

For the chocolate covered freeze-dried berries, I was so glad they had gooseberries and cherries.
My favourite was the dark chocolate covered strawberry.
The picture below shows white chocolate covered berries.
They even offer ghana and cocoa chocolate.

I also tried the chocolate covered ginger which tasted like candied ginger and this was delicious as well.
(This is currently unavailable but they are going to stock these soon!)
For the alcoholic truffles they had Bucks Fizz too!!
bucks fizz
bucks fizz
Although I did not try the bucks fizz, I tried the rum truffle and the alcohol in it was as intense as drinking real alcohol.
The inside of the rum truffle was silky and the alcohol is not liquid like other alcoholic chocolates.
Another interesting flavour they had was chocolate and chili but the chili was not as spicy as I anticipated.
Brazil nuts:
I loved the huge brazil nuts which had a buttery taste.
Brazil nuts
Brazil nuts
These chocolate covered pecans were really moreish because the pecan nut is light and crumbly.
The hazelnuts were also moreish and the dusted cocoa gives it more depth.
When we left, we were given a box of chocolates too which was really sweet of them.

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