Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Disgusting noodles at Tak Hing Noodles ( sai kung)

Only came here because the restaurant I wanted to go to was closed.
I did not expect the food to taste nice because in general, the local food in Sai Kung is not that good.
However it was surprising they had English on the menu.

There was nothing spectacular about the soup.
Salted chicken with flat rice noodles:
The chicken was just skin and bones.
It was cut randomly that there were so many brittle bones in every bite.
There was not much chicken to be able to taste whether it was good or not.
As for the noodles, it relied heavily on the ginger and spring onion sauce, but it just tasted of 100% garlic!!
This was the first time spring and ginger puree tasted disgusting to me!
Beef offal with noodles:
The noodles tasted better after adding chili oil.

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