Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Get addicted to Soupaholic's buk kut teh

After dining at Flames I was still hungry so had this place in mind, luckily they had a flyer nearby otherwise I would have forgotten about it.

It is tucked away in an alleyway at Hoi Tai Street.
The little joint can only seat six people, a table for two and a table for four.
They specialise in Buk Kut Teh which claims to be MSG free with herbal properties.

There is an introductory about those herbs and their medicinal properties.
Basically the main item they serve is Buk Kut Teh in their cute kitchen!
You can order the Buk Kut Teh a la carte, or the set and they have the family size Buk Kut Teh too.
The menu is really cute, it shows how many ribs you get with the number of bones denoted by the dish!
Anyway I ordered the set for one which includes: buk kut teh soup, a bowl of buk kut teh which has two ribs, tofu puffs, rice, fried dough stick slices and sauce (chili, crushed garlic and soy sauce)
As this shop is new they are still in their teething stages, so you might have to wait for a while.
Buk kut teh soup:
This was my favourite and the main item I came here for.
When you order, they will ask you which version you want, the first version is super strong which has more herbs and the other one is not so strong on herbs but stronger on pepper.
I ordered the strong one.
The taste was really strong and I liked it, however I felt the pepper was slightly too strong because I preferred the herb taste more and it made me feel thirsty.
The taste of dongwai was quite prominent too.
Dough sticks and sauce:
The dough sticks were not oily which was great but they were slightly too hard.
The sauce that they provided was really good because they did not use the thick dark sweet soya sauce.
The spicyness of the sauce was quite strong but it made everything else taste nice especially when I dipped the ribs in it.
Buk kut teh ribs:
The meat from the ribs was tender and not too dry.
As well as the ribs, there were tofu puffs and lettuce beneath it and when they were dipped in the soy sauce, everything just came together nicely.

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