Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ready for delicious bakery at 85`C

I have alway wanted to try this place for the coffee with sea salt but the location of its first shop was hard to find.

I was glad when I saw a new branch was going to open at the Domain Mall in Yau Tong, but they were not yet open in Christmas, and finally they opened on 25th of January.
When I got there, there was a section for cakes, bakery and a counter for people to order drinks.
The walnut rice milk with pine nuts caught my attention so I ordered that, it was only $12.
In the bakery section, the garlic bread caught my eye because it was crustless garlic bread!
I also wanted to get the Cape croissant but it was too monstrous for me! It was a HUGE croissant cut in half and it had sweet spread in the middle.
I was surprised the drinks and bakery were inexpensive.

Garlic bread:
I knew I was going to like this because it was crustless! It was freshly done so it was still warm.
The bread was so amazingly soft that after I took a bite the bread expanded after it was compressed!
The lovely garlic oil on the soft bread tasted really nice.
The garlic oil was not too salty so it was delicious.
walnut rice milk with pine nuts :
This drink was really thick, just like those American milkshakes and there were hints of ground walnuts and pinenuts.
I asked for it to be less sweet so the sweetness was just right.
The drink was very filling.

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