Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Relatively good dimsim from a hot pot specialist

This hotpot specialists served hotpot by night and during the day they serve dimsum as well.

The decor is black and the restaurant is located upstairs which is why I never tried it because I was too lazy to go upstairs.
There were pictures outside showing the types of dimsum that they serve, I wanted to try the deep fried dumplings filled with green tea, but they did not have it.
The dimsums that they offer and the presentation of the dimsums remind me of the dimsum restaurant in Kowloon City.

The rice rolls were presented nicely and they were cut into smaller pieces to make sharing easier and the mini burgers were presented in dinky dishes as shown on the menu.
Inside the restaurant it was quite big with two sides to the restaurant, however the chairs and tables were slightly cramped and hard to get to your seat.
Steamed rice roll with beef and preserved egg:
This was slightly disappointing because the preserved egg was tasteless.
Steamed rice roll with beancurd skin crackers and prawn:
The concept of this was good and it tasted good because the prawn gave the beancurd skin crackers some taste.
The beancurd skin crackers were still crispy and it was good that the oil they used was fresh and did not ruin their nice dish.
The rice roll on the outside held it together nicely and it tasted much nicer with beancurd skin which is a change from dough sticks in the middle.
Steamed pork knuckle in red beancurd sauce:
The pork knuckles were too salty but I loved the strong red beancurd taste.
After I finished the knuckles I used the remaining sauce on the rice rolls and they tasted even nicer.
Beancurd roll in soup:
This was not as exciting as the rice roll because the soup was boring and I found it quite oily.
Steamed pandan flavoured Malaysian cake:
Pandan cake has always been my favourite cake and as it was baked Malaysian style which tasted even better because the texture was better and it smelt really nice.
The sweetness was not too sweet so I ended up ordering other one.

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