Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Lung Fung cafe of Wan Chai

After a recent visit to their Tai Hang branch for the kids souffle, I found out there was a branch in Wan Chai so decided to try it.
I was surprised there was a branch in Wan Chai but I never expected it to be on Spring Garden Lane because the atmosphere is no where near as good as Tai Hang.
It would have been nice if their new branch was located next to "Dai lung fung" or "Wah sing Cafe".

Perhaps I am slightly biased, but Spring garden Lane and Jaffe road are the worst roads in Wan Chai because the pavements are narrow and people are forced to walk on the road with traffic.
Not only that, there is too much second hand smoke.

Anyway, sat down in the middle of the restaurant and I could smell car fumes and second hand smoke, so it would be great if they installed doors.

Ordered the noodles and kids set.
Nongshim noodles:
The soup base powder and condiments are given to you when the noodles are served.
For the regular instant noodles which are thinner the soup base is readily absorbed but since these noodles are thicker it does not absorb the broth so well, so it takes time for the noodles to be flavoured.
Kid's meal:
I got this because it had a bit of everything, ie scrambled egg, soya chicken leg and crinkle cut chips.
The scrambled egg and fries were nice and the ketchup they used was Del Monte.
Chocolate float:
This came with the kids meal and it was made with Pepsi and Dreyer's rocky road ice cream.
The drink was quite nice but there was too much crushed ice!

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