Friday, 29 March 2013

Fishballs @ Chan Kee

Shop: 陳記魚蛋 (Wan Chai)

During non public holidays I would not consider this stall at all because it is always surrounded by people but as it was a public holiday that day, there was not many people getting snacks from there.

There were two snack stalls on that road, this one and the eggette stall which also serves beef offal.
The beef offal looked a bit bland so I chose this place.

Initially I just ordered the beancurd skin puffs but then the fishballs looked nice so I got an extra skewer of them which were placed on top of the beancurd skin puffs.

There are three curry sauces: non spicy, mild and hot.

While I was eating the first cup I looked at the name of this place and realised they were famous for fishballs which was lucky because I tried them as well.

Beancurd skin puffs + fisballs with non spicy curry sauce:

The fishballs were quite small and they did not have grounded fish bones in it which was good.
They were firm and quite al-dente but the fish taste was not that strong.
The beancurd skin puffs were a bit too oily and the curry sauce ruined everything because it just tasted sweet just like curry syrup.
Fishballs with mild curry sauce:

The fish balls were nice so I got another skewer this time trying the spicier sauce.
Again it was sweet with a spicy tone to it.

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