Friday, 29 March 2013

Sanuki udon and cheap tempura

Shop: Udon Dokoro Imasuke (Tai Kok Tsui)

To be honest I do not like Sanuki udon but I only came here because Hyatti was closed.

Udon with sakura shrimp:

There were quite a lot of choices for udon, I wish I chose the one with mountain yam but ended up choosing this one.
The udon here is homemade because it is not quite uniform.
There is nothing wrong with their udon but I have never liked the Sanuki type because it is chewy and tasteless.
The one I ordered was quite tasteless too because there is no sauce on it and the waitress said the soy kelp sauce was for the tempura.
Seaweed prawn tempura:

The batter was quite thick and the oil was slightly rancid.
Mochi tempura:
The mochi tempura was tasteless.
The tempuras were quite cheap, they were around $10 per portion.

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