Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweet donuts filled with sweet fillings

Sweet donuts filled with sweet fillings Mar 27, 2013
甜心冬甩 (Mong Kok)

I have always wanted to try these donuts because they looked similar to Princess donuts (which is now out of business) and the pon da rings sold at Das gute.

It is located in the Argyle Centre which is slightly inconvenient for me.

Argyle centre is constantly packed with teens and girls which makes it difficult to get around in the hustle and bustle.

Anyway finally found their stall in the midst of the crowd.

The donuts were neatly stacked behind the glass cabinet and there were so many cute donuts.

The prices of these donuts were quite cheap too ranging from $8.5-$12.
Hazelnut filled donut:

I was expecting the texture of these donuts to be similar to Pon Da Rings which would be slightly chewy and mochi like but they were similar to cake.
Since all of these donuts were really uniform in size and shape, I believe they were made in donut makers similar to the ones that make waffles and eggettes.

The hazelnut one was sliced through the middle with delicious hazelnut cream filling.
The donut tasted really nice but it just tasted like a chocolate cake filled with hazelnut cream filling in a shape of a donut.
Apart from this flavour, there were also other fun flavours filled with: custard, ferrero rocher, sesame green tea custard and more please check their website.
{Unfortunately due to violations every time I publish a website address, my review gets reported, so you will have to google it!}
Some were glazed with icing and they had some pon de ring shaped donuts as well which were filled or had icing on top.

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