Friday, 29 March 2013

A big disappointment with Roadside

Shop: Roadside (Prince Edward)

I rarely go to the North end of Prince Edwards, so this time I gathered 3-4 places I wanted to try around that area:
Lan Yuen Chee Koon, Roadside, Bake & Bite and Ueno Bakery & Enzyme.

This was the first shop on my list because it was the closest to the MTR exit.

However it was 3.15 and it had still not opened so I went to Bake & Bite first.
[Their opening hours are from 3pm]

After eating at Bake & Bite, this shop was finally open!

I did not appreciate the loudspeaker pumping loud music right above the ordering counter because it was hard to order food.
It was so loud you could hear it across the road.

This was the shop that actually made me come to Prince Edwards because of all the Western snacks.

I was really looking forward to this place and was really disappointed by this place because I wanted to order the curry lamb pie, scotch egg and the salted pork knuckles as shown on their Facebook page.

A different menu when I got there

So I ended up ordering fish and chips and Dover fish bites.
Fish and potato wedges:

I was expecting fish and chips as shown on their Facebook page, but it was potato wedges.
The fish had been marinated for too long and it was too salty.
The batter was too thick.
Dover Fish bites:

These were pieces of fish coated in breadcrumbs.
Initially it was nice but a lot of it was drizzled with sweet sauce so I did not like it.
It was also very salty.
I can't quite correlate the name with Dover because in Dover (in the South East of UK) they don't do this snack and the fish was not dover sole either.

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