Friday, 13 February 2015

Boom! Boom! Shake the Shack at Boomshack

It just so happens that Boomshack and Burger Circus have both opened around the same time.
I was attracted here because of the decor and tacos which had a touch of fusion to it!

Near the till, there is a fridge with American sodas.

At the far end is the kitchen designed like a food truck.

Chicken waffle:
Served with three cheese blend and ranch or Southern gravy.

The chicken waffle was basically a waffle with a piece of fried chicken, bacon and sauce on top.
There are two choices of sauce: sausage gravy or three cheese and ranch.
I made the mistake of ordering the gravy because American gravy is creamy and totally different to British gravy.
Other than that, the chicken and bacon was crispy and delicious and the waffle was not too sweet.
Lazy hunters:
Edamame guacamole, garlic and black bean okra, fried tofu, Queso Fresco corn tortilla.

As well as meat, I also love vegetarian options like this one because it has guacamole and okra.
It was a moist taco because okra has some natrual occuring slime which you either hate or love!!
I really enjoyed the crunch and the taste of guacamole paired with a block of soft tofu in the middle.
I am lamb:
Saddle lamb, harissa, pickled cucumber fennal yoghurt, flour tortilla.

The lamb was tasty and the spicy sauce that came with it had a slow kick so the yoghurt flavours came out first with the juicy pieces of lamb and then it gradually became spicier.
Bacon, egg and cheese, fried potato, salsa fresca, flour tortilla

This is the best breakfast taco I have had because the potato pieces are fluffy and the cheese is properly cheesy with a lean piece of crispy bacon that gives the whole taco a complete breakfast touch!
Beet fries:
Served with Kewpie mayo togarashi

The beet fries are coated in some cornstarch flour which can be seen in the picture.
It gave them a lovely crispy coating while the beetroot is kept juicy and moist.
They were definitely addictive!!
But be warned cooked beets will make your urine and faeces change colour so don't be shocked!
I will probably be back to try the chicken waffles again and hopefully they have other meat options instead of just beef for the burgers.
8-12 woo on lane

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