Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cheese craving satisfied at I.E. Kitchen Academie Culinaire

After having the cheese and ham brioche I was craving for cheese again so I attended the cheese fondue class ($650 for two ppl) where you get to eat cheese fondue as well as learn how to make it!

I was surprised to learn that the ingredients were simple, it was cheese, starch, white wine, Kirsche, black pepper, paprika and garlic.
NOTE THERE IS NO MILK IN THE RECIPE however local restaurants put milk in the fondue because they think milky is cheesy!!!
Err I don't think so somehow!

We started off with a plate of appetizers of air dried beef and bayonne ham accompanied by pickles to balance the waxyness of the meats.

After we finished the appetizer, the Chef demonstrated how to make the fondue!
It was simpler than I thought.

I have skipped the steps here but it is pretty easy.
Anyway, the fondue was finally ready to eat and it was divine dipping soft bread into the piping hot melted cheese.
The cheese was moreish because the acidity of the white wine decreased its heaviness.

There were three breads available: Brioche, white bread and walnut and rye.
The white bread and walnut and rye were good for dipping because it was soft with a good yeast taste but the brioche was a bit too heavy for the fondue because it was buttery.

After finishing the fondue we had the apple tart for dessert which was a sweet ending.

As well as the fondue classes, they also sell fondue packs for $200 which includes all the ingredients, fondue forks, burners and sufficient wine for the fondue experience.

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