Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fish & Chips any day at Fish & Chick

Glad to see Fish and Chick have more offerings on the menu.
Prior to this visit, I have been here two times.

First time for the fish and chips:
Beetroot salad on the second time:

The fish choices are getting better and they even have haddock which is commonly served in the UK and they have lunch sets that have the signature chicken and fish and chips which were not available during my earlier visits.

That night we had other items as well as the signature dishes.
Here was what we had:

I don't normally drink alcohol but this one was pretty so I tried some and the strawberry taste was stronger than the cider so I ended up drinking half a glass.
Crab croquettes:

As you can see, it is almost 90% crab so it had a soft texture with a lovely crab taste.

Fried mushroom salad:

The mushrooms were good, they were juicy and earthy mushrooms in a light crispy coating.

Fried prawns:

To be honest, they tasted like prawn cutlets covered in simple breadcrumbs served in Chinese takeaways in the UK.
Panfried seabream with ratatouille:

The panfried fish selection is a great option for locals who fear fried food!
Salted cod and egg brandade:

I liked this dish because it was silky mashed salted cod that was not too salty topped with a cute quail egg!
Hake fish and chips:

The fish was nice and flakey and the batter was light.

The meal wouldn't be complete if we didn't order extra mushy peas because the mushy peas were delicious.
Not quite the hand cut chips but once you have vinegar and mushy peas with it, the type of chips won't matter.
Roast chicken:

The chicken smelt nice and the chicken was tender rubbed with lots of herbs.
Lemon and poppy seed

The cake was served warm, so there was this lovely cake aroma with lemon and the poppy seeds which gave it a nice crisp texture when you ate it.
Panna cotta:

The panna cotta was silky and creamy with a slight white chocolate taste.
Definitely coming back for other fishes such as haddock with mushy peas and VINEGAR!

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