Monday, April 06, 2015

Japanese inspired jellies at Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert

I am not a regular of Hui Lau Shan but went there to try this new jelly dessert that has flowers in it.
There are three different types of flowers in the jelly which are dusted with green tea powder or mung bean powder.
The labelling of the jelly series were awful because it does not indicate what the three different flowers are.

The desserts cost $17 takeaway or $22 dine in.
When you dine there, THEY ARE MEANT to serve the pudding with the flower side up and sprinkle powder on top like the picture but at this branch she just gave me a spoon which is ludicrous because I was paying for takeaway food at dine in prices.

She finally put it in a dessert bowl when I asked about the green tea powder, otherwise I would have been conned for green tea powder.

Even so, they should give you green tea powder with the takeaway.

Flower lovers will be disappointed at the lack of floral taste but it was ok for me because I can’t stand the taste of flowers and the bitterness of the green tea powder was good to balance the sweetness of the jelly.
As for the texture of the jelly, it was firm and chewy like konjac.


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